Either you return to your essence or you will be your worst enemy for your life!

Nothing is more hurtful and harsh than fighting for a lifetime! Until then, I managed men and women together.

Then I had a beautiful lover named Aslı. She wanted to be with me, even though I was gay. I’m going to see him again, but Aslı is waiting in the hotel room upstairs. I writhed in the lobby, writhed. Should I call the man or not? Then I realized that bisexuality and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I did that too. Since then, there are only men in my life. Now I am freed from my shackles. Just as I cannot change my green eye, I have no chance of changing my identity…. If I’m touching a man and getting some sexual pleasure, it’s homosexuality. Although he has sex with a lot of men, then marries a woman and has children, that doesn’t change the fact that he is gay.

Because they are at peace with themselves, nobody forces anyone to do anything they don’t want. You don’t see your outfit. Everyone has a towel. He is also very honest with one side. Label doesn’t matter, general manager or pool cleaner? If you like it, okay. But if you are bisexual, you may still have a child…. Who are they deceiving? Because you know deep down that it is not accepted by society.

However, neither of these results were implemented, and the prime minister of the time Erdogan himself was told that these decisions were wrong. This language, which was used at the top of the state, became widespread in large segments of the society. In many regions, Alevi houses were threatened and marked in Alevi neighborhoods.

Insults by religious teachers and other administrators towards Alevi students began to increase in schools. Alevi workers in many workplaces were laid off.

After all these results, AKP started to develop new policies in order to back up Alevis with the state and to break the growing alliance of Alevis and Kurds with the effect of regional factors and events. It was announced that the Alevi places of worship would be given status, their Alevi grandfathers would be paid a salary and the expenses of the cemevis would be partially covered.

Although these approaches are primarily an attempt to block the alliance of Alevis with the Kurdish opposition and to take Alevis under the back of the state, they are not moves that will meet the demands of Alevis. After all, these are not the demands of the Alevis.

Salary to grandfathers and partial expenses of cemevis are nothing more than an attempt to control cemevis and Alevi clergy, just like mosques and Sunni clergy. The demands of the Alevis and secular Republic of Turkey is a democratic demand. The solution is a problem that can be solved neither by granting status to cemevis, nor by paying grandfathers a salary.

The solution to the problem of religion Republic of Turkey – where it is positioned in state relations. The solution will be possible with the state’s withdrawal from religion. The solution will be solved by leaving the whole functioning of religion, including the education and training of beliefs, to civil life. Menu Menu Close. Megamenu Row 1 Slot 1. Megamenu Row 1 Slot 2. Megamenu Row 1 Slot 3. Megamenu Row 2 Slot 1. Megamenu Row 2 Slot 2. Main navigation. Register to bright dating sites, video room, quality and marriage site! Love is one of the most modern manufacturer dealer facilities and Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy women good night and analysis business.